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ALEX  BRAGA  straddles many words: he is a musician, a conceptual artist and an inventor, an enterpreneur.

But regardless of the hat he is wearing, his goal remains the same: “to find the infinite inside the finite boundaries of our world”. 

SPLEEN MACHINE, the debut album produced by electronic music legend Robert Lippok, has been released on 7K!, the boutique subsidiary label of the prestigious Berlin based  !K7.

SPLEEN MACHINE has been nominated by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the best 10 albums ever made by A.I. artists alongside such artists as Holly Herndon.

To go beyond his ideas, Braga created an artificial intelligence-based instrument called A-MINT with the help of professors Francesco Riganti and Antonino Laudani from Roma Tre University. A Mint is a monumental achievement in the field of AI music-making. With this amazing AI and his musical flair, Alex creates his own work, released by the prestigious label !K7 in Berlin, scores soundtracks of art movies like 

the international gem FLESH OUT or INSIDE DALÍ, the official worldwide immersive exhibition 

of the spanish Maestro, that premiered in a magnificent and majestic cathedral in the center of Florence, Cattedrale Dell’Immagine, and that now travels the world. 


Alex is also the Artistic Director and curator of ARTS FOR FUTURE FESTIVAL in Florence and Music4Climate, the program of WorldBank/UnitedNations to promote awareness on climate change throught music.

Alex Braga scored many international prestigious collaborations, among the others, with Emmy Award Winner EXTRAWEG and Robert Lippok, Francesco Tristano, Niklas Paschburg.

Alex’s remarkable work has gained worldwide recognition in major festivals and museums, with the peak being the nomination at ARS ELECTRONICA for the prestigious STARS prize, Mutek Festival, Sonar, ADE, Google Arts & Culture Center, Centre Pompidou, RomaEuropa Festival, Galleria Nazionale di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Rome, Macro Museum amongst others. Alex was selected to represent music and metaverse in the international exibhition at Palazzo Cipolla in Rome “Ipotesi.Metaverso”, alongside such artists like Refik Anadol and Pak.
During the 2019 pandemic, Braga founds A-LIVE: a new universe for an interactive music streaming platform. With the PHYGITAL STAGE, A-LIVE revolutionizes live events, expanding its horizons through the shared experience between the audience in presence 

and the one connected online.

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